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About us

Creeptah - a team of enthusiasts with a technical background, IT and project management experience.

Our mission is to make blockchain user-friendly, simple and transparent. We work with chains, validators and communities and strive to create our own user-friendly future-oriented products.

This year we created to make it easy for cosmonauts to find all the information in one resource. We provide information and technical support to young chains and validate them.

If you're with creeptah, you make the blockchain world a better place!

What we do

Analysis, translations, reviews, research own product development

Сontribution and promotion of projects, moderating in social networks

Validating and participate in testnets

Our mainnets

UnUniFi Umee Nomic Quicksilver Planq Humans

Our active testnets

Quicksilver Nomic Humans Umee Hypersign OKP4 Nibiru OJO

Our finished testnets

Masa Finance IronFish haqq Subspace Sui obol Lava Minima StarkNet peaq Uptick Sei Bundlr DeFund


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